Are you an Apple or Pear?

Are you an Apple or Pear?

Apple shape means you have lots of fat around the middle. Fat around the middle of your body is not healthy! Believe it or not though, fat on your bottom, arms and legs is not as dangerous as the fat around the middleJ Fat around the legs and bottom yields a much healthier shape, the Pear.


Technical Term for Fat

Let’s get technical and call fat, adipose tissue, as this is the scientific term and it sounds better than me saying FAT throughout this blog!


Fight or flight

So, adipose tissue around the middle is typically caused by stress quite simply. Stress triggers the release cortisol and adrenaline. Our bodies were designed for the fight or flight response millions of years ago. Way back then, in signs of intense danger, humans would release a surge of cortisol and adrenaline which would give them 5-15 minutes to fight, run or hide from the danger.


Constant release cortisol

However, in modern times, many people STRESS which is tricking the body to think it’s in the fight or flight mode, causing the body to continuously release cortisol! Our bodies were not designed to cope with the constant release of cortisol though. If you are stressed constantly, guess what, your system has nowhere to utilise the energy created from the stress……So, the fat and glucose (sugar) created from the release of cortisol as a result of the annoying stress, get stored as fat, typically around the our abdomens (Sorry, I actually am liking the word fat now as it has more effect).


Craving of carbs

What makes matters worse is the fact that the release of cortisol triggers your body to crave even more carbohydrates and fats! Your body is craving the carbs and fats as it finds these foods the best to re-fuel after what it thinks has been a time of fighting or fleeing, not stressing 12-15 hours a day!


So, to get rid of the unhealthy fat around your middle section which is known as the Apple shape and move towards the healthier Pear shape, please make an effort to control your stress, eat less carbohydrates and fats, eat more protein at every meal and routinely exercise. Our Konjac Control and Thermo Thrive are recommended as fantastic complements to the regime too!


Remember, chill out as life is too short! J