Should You Take Vitamins?

Should You Take Vitamins?

Hello All!

This is a great and interesting question. So, to simply answer the question, yes, we think you should?? Consider food supplements as INSURANCE to fill the gaps with unhealthy diets or diets that may lack in proper nutrients. 

To gain optimal health, good-nutritious food offers the best nutrients to ward off unhealthy inflammation in the body. However, in our modern era of a plethora of fast food places, modern farming practices, busy schedules and other obstacles, it has become increasingly difficult to get the vital nutrients needed from food! Supplements may be the solution to fill those gaps!

Food offers the Optimal Source of Nutrients

The fast food restaurants commonly promote inflammation due to ingredients add like wheat flour, lots of sugar and hydrogenated oils. Instead, the idea is to follow a diet with loads of very COLOURFUL organic fruits and vegetables, fish or Omega 3 soft gels for their anti-inflammatory benefits, wholegrains, brown pasta and other slow digesting carbohydrate foods, lots of healthy nuts and seeds, extra virgin olive oil and recently popular plant based proteins.

 Farming Challenges

Unfortunately, the industrial revolution and recently introduced farming techniques have had a negative effect in terms of nutrient depletion and added toxic chemicals to the soil. These toxins that get introduced in the farming processes can then remain in our food. Also, it has become more common for livestock to be given antibiotics and hormones which then end up on our plates and ultimately in our tummies?

Stressing, Weight Loss Diets and other Factors that Deplete Nutrients

Stress is the root of all evil in terms of nutrients being sacrificed. Busy and fast paced lifestyles can put a strain on healthy home cooked meals as well….Hence, more and more food is being eaten on the run sadly. And, those who are on constant weight loss diets, may experience a depletion in micro and macro nutrients, simply because they are not eating enough food. 

Smoking along with prescription drugs can deplete vitamin and mineral stores in the body too……ouch.

So, as mentioned above, perhaps some friendly food supplements can help ‘supplement’ your healthy diet? Please remember to take supplements with some healthy fat (coconut oil maybe) for optimal absorption and to take them after eating to avoid nausea and to help reduce stomach irritation.  

Keep Healthy!