Fertility Solutions

Fertility Solutions

Struggling with getting pregnant? There are a few approaches that may support reproduction.

Vitamins: First, folic acid has been found to balance nitric oxide levels which help in reproductive outcomes through the initial phase of ovulation and implantation all the way through to the contraction phase. Folic acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 all help lower homocysteine levels in the reproductive organs. These high levels of homocysteine have a toxic effect on the reproductive cells due to a hostile free radical environment. Simply, it is important to keep homocysteine levels low to maintain healthy egg quality.

Stress: High amounts of stress can also effect the reproduction chances too. Stress elevates glucocorticoids inhibiting reproduction as it disrupts gonadal function. In turn, the synthesis of hormones that induce pregnancy are inhibited when confronted with stress. Meditation and yoga are effective ways to manage stress.

Aromatase: Lastly, Aromatase is an enzyme in our bodies that is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to oestrogen—FYI, both men and women produce testosterone. The aim is to decrease the oestrogen level and increase the progesterone level to increase chances of reproduction. Foods that may help inhibit aromatase activity are resveratrol, chrysin, soy, saw palmetto and flax lignans.

Exercise: Steady, non-strenuous, exercise may help with fertility. Here are some ideas.


*Brisk walking




*Light jogging

*Light swimming